As a multi-agency diving club, CSAC can offer several possible streams of training and cross-overs between recognised qualifications of equivalent levels. Training involves diving theory and practical skills in both the pool and open water. In each case, it is necessary to be a full club member in order to undertake training within the club.  

The decision of which agency to train under may depend on your overall goals or whether you want to continue with an agency that you have already done some qualifications with.  All of the diver training courses that we offer in the club result in internationally recognised qualifications to the same high standards and we are happy to share our experiences to help you make an informed choice.


The club assets include a small amount of SCUBA gear that can be hired by members for training courses.  There is a modest fee payable which is used to offset the cost of its maintenance, but trainees find this a real benefit to take advantage of while they save up or stagger the acquisition of their own SCUBA kit. The club's Treasurer or Training Officer will be happy to explain how this works.


BSAC and SAA diver training is offered to all club members and is run within these respective agency guidelines.  These are usually the cheapest ways to learn and progress your diving qualifications as there is no cost for the in-house BSAC or SAA training provided by our qualified BSAC and SAA instructors (it's a perk of being a CSAC member!), although some courses require students to purchase the modestly priced training materials (eg course book, decompression tables, etc) and sometimes a small qualification registration fee is involved (eg for nitrox qualifications).


The availability of PADI training depends on the availability of our PADI qualified instructors. There is an additional fee payable for PADI courses, although putting this in perspective: the cost of club membership plus the PADI course fee is usually similar to the amount you'd expect to pay to do the same course with a dive shop / dive school - the difference is that you'd be a full member of the club with lots of potential buddies to socialise and dive with, and club assets to benefit from.


If you're interested in instructing: CSAC encourages and arranges instructor training for those who want to "give back" to the club although since these cannot be run completely in-house there are additional fees involved. However, recognising the benefit of instructor members involved in teaching within the club, there is a mechanism for subsidising from club funds part of the expenses involved with becoming a BSAC or SAA club instructor or open water instructor. The club's Treasurer or Training Officer will be happy to explain how this works.