Like many recreational SCUBA diving clubs, the day to day running of the club is administered by a committee elected from eligible members yearly at the club AGM. The committee comprises the following principal roles:

  • Chairman
    Ensures the committee do their respective jobs and facilitates meetings etc such as regular committee meetings and the AGM.

  • Diving Officer
    Responsible for diver safety and standards, certifies qualifications awarded in-house and endorses applications for regionally or nationally run courses. Must hold at least both BSAC Advanced Diver and SAA Dive Supervisor qualifications.

  • Training Officer
    Coordinates in-house training between instructors and trainees and oversees that the expected standards are maintained. Must hold at least both BSAC and SAA Dive Leader qualifications.

  • Treasurer
    Manages the club finances and accounting.

  • Equipment Officer
    Ensures the boat and other club kit are maintained fit for use. Coordinates efforts between club members involved with maintenance activities.

  • Club Secretary
    Liaises with the national diving agencies and other organisations on club matters.