Cheltenham Sub Aqua Club (CSAC) is an active and friendly recreational SCUBA diving club owned and run by its members following internationally recognised standards of safety and care.  The club was established in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK the mid 1980s and is the only independent multi-agency diving club in the region. We are registered as British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) Branch number 2542, Sub Aqua Association (SAA) Club number 303 and PADI Dive Centre number S26939, plus through membership of the SAA, the club is also affiliated to CMAS (the worldwide federation for SCUBA diving). With a number of qualified BSAC, SAA and PADI instructors and training assistants, we are able to offer several possible routes of training, all of which lead to internationally recognised SCUBA diving qualifications.


Most of the club's SCUBA diving trips make use of our own boat called called Blue Hotel - a Humber Destroyer 5.8m RHIB with 115hp engine capable of taking up to six divers plus two crew at a time, which is the most cost effective way to get out on the water and without needing to book several months in advance (particularly important when you can't predict the British weather more than a few days ahead).  However, we also usually book several hard-boat charters throughout the year to locations further from home or where it's not practical to take our RHIB, and we try to ensure that there is a good mix of diving for all kinds of interests and experiences from newly qualified to advanced technical.


While training is important to the club, whether it be for learning new skills or maintaining existing competencies, the end goal of all this is to get people out and go diving. The club tries to organise day or weekend dive trips throughout the year (no such thing as a "diving season") and suitably qualified members will often also arrange their own ad-hoc trips with buddies from the club.

Then there's usually one or two week-long expeditions each year to dive locations further afield or abroad that are either organised by the club or simply by a couple of members arranging a holiday together. In recent year's we've had club expeditions to Northern Ireland, the Orkney Islands, Republic Of Ireland and frequently to the Red Sea. Additionally on holidays, club members have dived off Australia, California, France, Iceland, the Maldives, Norway, Malta, the Bahamas, Cyprus,...

Have a look in our website galleries for a showcase of our favourite diving experiences and visit our Facebook pages for the latest photo uploads. 


While UK coronavirus infection control measures have been relaxed or rescinded, the illness can result in a potentially long term or permanent disqualifying condition for SCUBA divers. In this sense, the impact on club members could be considered higher than for participants of other sporting activities.

Therefore the club is maintaining some measures to reduce the risk of exposure to coronavirus for its members such as restricting numbers attending pool sessions and the continued use of masks in the sports centre building when not on the poolside. It is currently not possible to meet us in person at our club evenings except for pre-arranged try dive sessions.  If you are interested in finding out more about the club please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

In normal times, the club’s pool sessions are Wednesday evenings from 9:00pm till 10:00pm at Brockworth Sports Centre (Mill Lane, Brockworth, GL3 4QF - next to Millbrook Academy) and afterwards we would often be found socialising at The Cheeserollers pub (Shurdington Road, Shurdington, GL51 4XJ). 

Like many recreational SCUBA diving clubs, the day to day running of the club is administered by a committee elected from eligible members yearly at the club AGM. The committee comprises the following principal roles (where some roles may be held by a single person).

  • Chairman
    Ensures the committee do their respective jobs and facilitates club meetings etc such as regular committee meetings and the AGM.

  • Club Secretary
    Liaises with the national diving agencies and other organisations on club matters.

  • Diving Officer
    Responsible for diver safety and standards of all diving organised by the club or done by its members with the club or outside of the club organised events. Certifies SAA and BSAC qualifications awarded in-house and endorses applications for regionally or nationally run courses. Must hold at least both BSAC Advanced Diver and SAA Dive Supervisor qualifications.

  • SAA & BSAC Training Officer
    Coordinates in-house SAA and BSAC training between instructors and trainees and oversees that the expected standards are maintained. Must hold at least both BSAC and SAA Dive Leader qualifications.

  • PADI Training Officer 
    Coordinates in-house PADI training between instructors and trainees and oversees that the expected standards are maintained. Must hold at least PADI Instructor qualification.

  • Treasurer
    Manages the club finances and accounting.

  • Equipment Officer
    Ensures the boat and other club kit are maintained fit for use. Coordinates efforts between club members involved with maintenance activities.

  • Media & Communications Officer
    Organises public promotions and advertising for the club across multiple media formats.